Vegan Sushi Workshop with 'Vegan Food Creator', all the way from Tokyo - Iina Chan. 

In the workshop you will make: 

1x Maki Sushi Roll

5x Diffrent Nigiri Sushi

Vegan Mayonnaise

Spicy Vegan Mayonnaise

All of which you will eat together as a group at the end of the session. 

You also get to take home: 

1x Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat

1x Sushi Uchiwa Fan 


Tickets are £60. Limited to 18 people. Advanced Booking and Payment Required - book at the café. 


I cook, essentially, vegan food and do not use refined sugar. I never use seasoning and colouring from chemical products. 

I like to be creative with my food and take great consideration when working with the shapes and colours of the vegetables, connecting with their nature. 

I lken the process of a preparing a meal with writing a story, conveying the essence of the food. 

I studied at the 'L' ecole Vantan', a specialist food academy in Tokyo. After graduating, I got involved in different vocations within the food industry. In 2008, I moved to the countryside and got invlved with a Macrobiotic Community. I learned about farming,  food preservation and sustainability, and became the head chef of the project's café. 

In 2010, I decided to start a café called 'Vegegeek', becoming the chef, recipe editor as well as events organiser for vegetarian parties. After this, I focued on hosting cooking classes and events at 'Vivid Cookery Vegetarians' - a culinary school in Tokyo. Recently I have taught in schools around food media and advertising, recipe creation and food styling. 

I have published 3 vegan recipe books in Japan.